Q. When will the cards be shipping?

A. In April 2022

Q. Can I order them before April?

A. Yes, you can pre-order them now at the reduced price of $14 but only until March 1, 2022.

Q. How many total packs will be distributed?

A. 5000 for the first series.

Q. How many total players are there?

A. 42 (30 common cards, 12 limited addition foil printed cards)

Q. What do I get in each pack?

A. Each pack of Banjo All-Star Premium Trading Cards includes 8 players, one of which is a limited edition card. Yes, every pack comes with a limited edition card! There are a total of 42 cards in all and 12 of them are limited edition. Note that packs are collated randomly meaning you do not know which 8 cards you will be getting.

Q. So no gum??

A. No

Q. Can I order a full set?

A. Yes you can! We are now offering The Guaranteed Complete Set of Banjo All-Star Premium Trading Cards as a 12 pack box set. It comes with a collectors display box and free shipping!

Q. Who are all the players?

Limited edition players: Alan Munde, Bill Emerson, Bill Keith, Butch Robins, Don Reno, Doug Dillard, Earl Scruggs, Eddie Adcock, J.D. Crowe, Ralph Stanley, Sonny Osborne, Tony Trischka

"Common" players: Alison Brown, Ashley Campbell, Ben Clark, Carl Jackson, Catherine “BB” Bowness, Charlie Poole, Cory Walker, Don Wayne Reno, Gina Furtado, Greg Cahill, Jason Davis, Jens Koch, Jeremy Stephens, Jim Pankey, John Apfelthaler, John Dowling, Kenny Brown, Kristin Scott Benson, Mike Scott, Mike Sumner, Ned Luberecki, Nick Einterz, Nick Hornbuckle, Robby Boone, Ron Block, Sammy Shelor, Scott Vestal, Snuffy Jenkins, Terry Baucom, Wes Corbett

Q. Why didn't you include my favorite player?

A. There are at least 100 banjo players all deserving to be included in this series and we wish we could include more but the reality is that time is limited. Every player's participation takes time. We wanted to get these cards into the hands of bluegrass/banjo enthusiasts as soon as possible and decided to limit the set to 42 to allow us to do that. Know that it does not end with this first series. Your favorite banjo player may just be included in an upcoming series! Stay tuned!